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Play-Grass™ is the preferred artificial grass for playgrounds, due to its flawless appearance and soft, cushiony texture. More and more parks, schools, preschools, head starts, daycares, churches and other locations are turning to artificial grass from Play-Grass™ for its safety, ease of maintenance, and cost effectiveness.


Play-Grass™ brings the look of nature to your play environment. Play-Grass™ is safe, more comfortable, cleaner and far superior than a rubber playground surface and natural grass.


Play-Grass™ meets the ASTM F1292 impact attenuation test, ASTM F1951 ADA certification requirements, ASTM F2765 total lead content, ASTM D2859 flammability test, and provides adequate drainage, cushioning and long wear.


Play-Grass™ has a life expectancy of at least twenty five years and it comes with a twenty year limited warranty.




  • Safe for children

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Non-abrassive to the skin

  • Antimicrobial

  • Eco-friendly

  • Virtually free of maintenance

  • No watering required

  • Adequate drainage

  • Cushioning

  • Long wear

  • Non-flamable

  • Heat resistant

  • UV resistant

  • Meets ASTM, ADA standards

  • Lead free

  • 20-Year Limited Warranty



Let our kids play safely and comfortably!

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