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Closed Cell XPE Shock Pads

XPE Shock Pads


XPE Shock Pads are the ultimate way to add safety and resilience to the artificial grass surface. In sports industry, shock pads are often referred as an "insurance policy". According to FIFA-endorsed regulations, the shock-attenuation testing (or G-Max) is recommended for every sports field. You can get a good G-max without a shock pad, but you may want to consider our shock pads for three fundamental reasons:


1. Increased Safety and Softness


XPE Shock Pads help to prevent and to reduce injuries and traumas. While required for athletes and children, homeowners may love to feel smooth and delicate surface under their feet as well. 


2. Less Infill - the Higher Resilience


Infill can migrate on the turf surface. It happens more often in heavy traffic areas. XPE Shock Pads reduce the amount of infill (and subsequent infill "splash") by lowering the height of the fiber pile and increasing the density of the pile itself. The concept of having shock pads inside infill itself had changed due to low shock-attenuation levels and extensive maintenance. Today, most business owners regard shock pads like just like an extra insurance.


3. Ideal for Playgrounds and Putting Greens


8 mm thick shock pad is perfect for playgrounds and putting greens. High degree of stiffness, less compressible, durable and easy to install.  


XPE Shock Pad Specifications: 


- Density: 50 kg/m3

- Thickness: 8mm 

- Roll size: 5' x 200'


Chemically Closed-Cell Polyethylene Foam is perfect for padding.  Low moisture permeability and high buoyancy combined with a smooth, delicate feel and superior physical and chemical properties, the foam is the ideal shock-absorber. 


Advantages of Closed-Cell XPE Foam 


- Lightweight. Easy to Install. No glue.

- Shatterproof

- Non-dusting

- Excellent chemical and grease resistance

- Superb strength and tear resistance

- Low water absorption

- Excellent strength and shock absorption

- Impervious to mold, bacteria and mildew

- Nontoxic




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