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Underlayment Shock Pad Systems

PlayPad Artificial Grass Underlayment Shock Pads

Play Pad™ Underlayment Shock Pads are perfect for any playground or sport application. PlayPad™ Underlayment Shock Pads are safe and durable enough to cushion any child’s rough and tumble activities. This product is made from 99% recycled, non-contaminated, post industrial, cross link, closed cell polyethylene foam and meets the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards and maintains GMax scores that protect against impact injuries. Enhances drainage, does not absorb liquids and is ready for play almost immediately after rainfall. 


PlayPad™ Underlayment Shock Pads are a great choice for any playground, athletic field or sports park and will help protect against high impact injuries. Give your children’s playground or sports park a safe and natural-looking environment with PlayPad™ Underlayment Shock Pads. Pair any of these pads together to create extra cushioning for high impact sports and top them with synthetic grass product and your playground or sports field will be safe, durable and green for years to come!

PlayPad Artificial Grass Shock Pad
Synthetic Turf Pads
Artificial Turf Pads

XPE Shock Pads are the ultimate way to add safety and resilience to the artificial grass surface. In sports industry, shock pads are often referred as an "insurance policy".

XPE Shock Pads help to prevent and to reduce injuries and traumas. While required for athletes and children, homeowners may love to feel smooth and delicate surface under their feet as well.


Low moisture permeability and high buoyancy combined with a smooth, delicate feel and superior physical and chemical properties, the foam is the ideal shock-absorber.

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