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Carefree play on ProPlay

ProPlay, in combination with a synthetic turf, is the perfect surface for playground equipment and is mainly applied to prevent (head) injuries, both indoors and outdoors


Protection throughout the entire lifespan

ProPlay is perfected as a surface for playground equipment in a many year's process of research and development by Schmitz Foam Products. Shock absorption of the surface continues to be virtually unchanged throughout the entire lifespan, regardless of the intensity of use.

ProPlay consists of one or multiple layers, depending on the required degree of shock absorption, and can easily be installed on virtually any surface. During a fall, ProPlay absorbs the fall energy without loss of shape.


Customized protection

ProPlay is available in various thicknesses with increasing HIC-values. With ProPlay, organizers of playgrounds and grass-plots are able to choose from a low maintenance customized solution.



Game facilities and playgrounds should be safe to be used. For this reason, in the field of shock absorption, legal requirements are imposed on the surface. ProPlay easily meets all international standards and guidelines in the field of fall protection. The shock absorbing properties surpass those of other surfaces.


Height of drop

Height of drop of 12 feet - measured according to ASTM F1292 can be achieved with ProPlay.




The ProPlay Logo, Schmitz Foam Products®, and all products denoted with ® or ™ are products, trademarks or registered trademarks of Schmitz Foam Products or its affiliates.

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